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Mostar and its surroundings – a surprisingly beautiful destination

Until a couple of months ago, all I knew about Bosnia and Herzegovina was that in the 90s they had a civil war and although 20 years passed since that horrific period, in my mind Bosnia was still a dangerous and destroyed country, where there wouldn’t be much to see. Three years ago, when we went to Dubrovnik, we had to cross through a small section of Bosnia near the town of Neum and I have to admit that I was a bit nervous, as I was expecting to see soldiers patrolling the streets of the country. I even told […]

St. Peter's square seen from the top of St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican city, Rome, Italy

A Visit to the Holy City of Vatican – a Dream Come True

We were crossing one of the city’s numerous bridges, when Bogdan told me not to turn and look around until we reach THE viewing spot. We continued walking until we almost got to the other end of the bridge and then I turned around with my eyes closed. I knew that when I will open them, the view will either meet my expectations or it will disappoint me, as sometimes happens when you desire something for years and set your expectations very high. But when I opened my eyes I realized it wasn’t the case. The view in front of […]