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Have you ever been in a place that touched your heart in such a way, that every time you see a picture from there or hear somebody talk about it, you feel butterflies in your stomach and a big grin appears on your face? Well, for me that place is Singapore. I’ve had the luck to travel in a lot of beautiful, breathtaking places, but none of them had remained so deeply in my heart.

Singapore is a place you simply fall in love with, and as much as I will try to show you why that is, you can only fully understand this feeling once you visit it. The city steals your heart not just through the amazing things it offers, but through its people and atmosphere.

And speaking of atmosphere, if you want to feel a little of Singapore’s ambiance and understand why I love this city so much, just play this clip in the background while you continue reading:

Singapore – the superlative city

For the majority of people the first contact with Singapore is Changi International Airport. As soon as you set foot in the airport, you begin to realize that all you have read about the cleanliness and high standards of Singapore are not just words. The entire airport is carpeted with a very soft and spotless carpet and everything there shines. The airport itself is a tourist attraction, so if you have a long layover in Singapore, you will for sure not get bored. You can visit the botanical or butterfly gardens, relax at the airport’s spa or swimming pool or choose to see a movie at the cinema, but my recommendation for a long layover would be to head to the city for a couple of hours.

Image Singapore Airport

Image Singapore Airport

Once you arrive in the city, you will truly be blown away. The buildings, the roads, everything is extremely clean and organized. Even the road markings are drawn perfectly. The entire city looks elegant and as neat as a pin.

Image Singapore old new

Old and new Singapore

Singapore is multicultural and that is reflected in both its architecture and people. Unique modern buildings mingle superbly with colorful restored British colonial shop houses; huge skyscrapers blend wonderfully with Indian and Chinese temples, Muslim mosques or Christian churches; the famous Raffles Hotel is in perfect harmony with futuristic museums and shopping centers.

Image Singapore Arab street

Arab street

The people living there come from all parts of the world. But the extraordinary thing is that, although they have different cultures and beliefs, they all get along with each other. You can see how nice, calm and relaxed they are. And I think that this is due in part to the safety of the city. Singapore really is one of the safest cities in the world, if not the safest. Normally we wouldn’t adventure on remote streets after sunset, but in Singapore, you have a feeling of security no matter where you are, so it was not a problem to wander all over the city late in the evening.

Singapore – the magical city

Image Singapore Merlion by night

Singapore’s symbol, Merlion, and the skyline

Singapore has a variety of attractions for every taste. If you like the nature, you can go to the Botanical Garden or Singapore Zoo, if you want to shop, you have Orchard Road. For culture lovers, there are many museums to explore, for those adventurous there is Sentosa and for the ones in love with architecture, there are a lot of futuristic buildings that wait to marvel you.

Image Singapore Gardens by the Bay show

Singapore Gardens by the Bay show

Although I was amazed by everything I’ve seen in Singapore, what I will always remember are the moments spend in Gardens by the Bay. When you enter that place, you feel that you arrive in an enchanting world and when the Garden’s Rhapsody show starts (remember the clip I asked you earlier to listen), you really begin to believe that magic exists. I recommend you not just to visit the gardens and see the show once, but to go there every evening you are in that city. The feeling you have when you are lying on the grass, being surrounded by those out-of-this-world trees and hearing their “symphony” is a feeling that cannot be described in words. It transposes you in another time and space and gives you such an interior peace and joy! And in that moment, you know that is was worth stepping outside of your comfort zone and travelling thousands of kilometers, even if just for those 10 minutes of magic.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!” Neale Donald Walsch

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