Hello new friend!

My name is Lavinia and I love to travel. I am happily married and extremely lucky that my husband, Bogdan, shares my passion. Although, if I am being honest, Bogdan is the one who was always curious to discover new places and instilled this passion in me.

Ten years ago, if you’d asked me, whether I wanted to go on a trip, I would have definitely said no. I would have preferred every time the comfort of my home, instead of the unknown of a new place. But after I took a couple of trips abroad (at the insistence of my husband), I discovered how wonderful travel can be and since then I’ve travelled to over 25 countries.

Although my husband and I have normal day jobs that we very much like, we can’t get enough of traveling. We are always searching for best flight fares, new places to discover and are passionate about learning through travel. Both of us consider that traveling is an adventure and a form of education, a way of better knowing you and your partner, of testing your limits and skills, of accepting and learning about different people and different cultures.

Traveling makes you humble and appreciative of all the things God has blessed you with. It also teaches you that you should make every moment of your life count, because you never know what will happen next.

Why this blog?

Having this blog is another adventure for me, but it is also a way of giving back. For a couple of years, I have been toying with the idea of having a blog, because I consider that if you are blessed to travel and experience such extraordinary places and things, you should share them with others. When I plan a trip, I always search for advices and tips from other travelers and I’ve always felt a bit guilty for not sharing back our experiences, so that other people can learn something from them.

So this is the main reason why today „Make It Count“ blog is born. From today, if you are like us and you like to plan your travels by yourself, or if you just want to seek inspiration for your next travel, please feel free to visit this blog and get in touch by Facebook or through our contact form.

As all the trips I take are together with my husband, I consider this blog to be our, not just mine, so, let us show you this enchanting world through our eyes and through the beautiful photos Bogdan takes.

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